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Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 31st, by Allison Frounfelter in General Dentistry. Comments Off on Happy Halloween!

All in the Family Dental would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Don’t forget to brush and floss after enjoying your Halloween treats. Here are a few tips for your teeth:

  1. Eat candy with a meal or shortly after (The increased saliva produced around meal time  will help wash away the sugar and cancel out the acids produced by bacteria in your mouth)
  2. Try to avoid hard candy that stays in your mouth for a long time and sticky candies that cling to your teeth (The longer your teeth are exposed to sugar the higher the risk for tooth decay and sticky candy is not easily washed away by your saliva)
  3. Drink water or brush your teeth after eating candy. (Drinking water and brushing your teeth will help remove the sugar from your teeth)

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