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Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Endodontics is the dental specialty referring most commonly to root canals.  A root canal is a dental procedure where the tooth is anesthetized and the nerve of the tooth is removed and space is replaced with a dental material called gutta percha.  All in the Family Dental provides some endodontic services. We select the cases very carefully. If we feel the case is better served by a specialist we refer our patients to an Endodontist.

Oral surgery
Oral surgery is another dental specialty.  Oral surgeons remove or extract teeth and also do various other procedures such as biopsy lesions and evaluate and place implants.  All in the Family Dental provides limited oral surgery services. We always refer when it is in our patient’s best interest. Again we select the cases carefully and always refer our patients if we feel a specialist will better serve them.

Periodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on the health of your gums and gingival tissues that support our teeth. All in the Family Dental focuses on the health of each patient’s gums at every dental cleaning and check up appointment. If a patient requires more extensive treatment due to periodontal disease, All in the Family Dental will recommend a Periodontist.